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President's Message

The Coaldale Chamber of Commerce has been working hard with the purpose of advancing its mission, bringing more value to your membership.

There have been numerous strategic planning meetings over the past year.  The result of these meetings stimulated the revision of our organization, not only to increase service to our membership but to streamline the work that needs to be done to effectively execute our mission. 

As a result, six new sub-committees have been developed.  These include a membership, local advocacy, political advocacy, community, events, and communications committee.

These committees benefit the Chamber as it diversifies the work of the Chamber.  It also provides an opportunity for members to participate more actively in the Chamber and serves as an opportunity to share ideas, observations and raise questions that might not otherwise happen in a larger group.

Working together as a collective, it is our hope that we can more effectively execute our mission; to improve the economic, industrial, and civic life of the community through the development and promotion of free enterprise. 

I encourage you to explore the services we offer and to get involved either as a member or even as a volunteer on one of our committees! Together we can work with business for business!

René van de Vendel

Become Part of the Coaldale Chamber Team

Consider becoming a Board Member or participate on one of six committees.  Nominations for these positions takes place in the spring.  Work with business for business!

Chamber Committees

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Overseeing Chamber membership and initiate recruitment strategies

Local Advocacy

Communicates with Town council and administration

Political Advocacy

Communicates with Provincial and Federal leaders


Communicates with local residents and other non chamber members


Supervises events such as the Awards and Appreciation Banquet


Supervises Coaldale Chamber Communication

Working with Business for Business

We Want To Hear From You

The Board of Directors is dedicated to representing it’s members, promoting business and serving the Community of Coaldale.  Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month and take place at the Coaldale Inn.  All members of the Chamber are invited to attend these meetings. If you are in need of assistance, please reach out to our office or any one of our board members and let us know how we can help.

Board of Directors April 2019


René van de Vendel
Destiny Homes Inc.
Executive Committee Chair

First vice president

Terry Roosen
Membership Committee Chair

Second Vice President

Jack Van Rijn
Van Rijn Electric Ltd.
Communications Committee Chair

corporate secretary

Leonard Fast
Leonard D. Fast Law
Local Advocacy Committee Chair


Graham Duke


Derek Connick
Westland Insurance Group
Political Advocacy Chair


John Pollemans
Pollemans Homes & Rentals


Daryl Tonin
Stop n’ Go
Community Committee Chair


Robert Woolf
Crop Innovations
Events Committee Chair


Jack Penner
Napa Auto Parts

Past President

Everett Duerksen
EJD|Machacek LLP

Executive Director (Staff)

Colleen Van Raalte
VR Virtual Assistant