Online Market Place connecting Alberta Business


Online Marketplace Connecting Alberta Business

What is Chamber Market?

An initiative of Alberta Chambers of Commerce, Chamber Market is an online marketplace connecting Alberta business owners with Albertans who love to shop local. Chamber Market empowers business owners and shoppers to connect easier than ever while supporting our local economy. Through Chamber Market, Albertans like you are helping build Alberta’s entrepreneurial future.

Sell Local

The jump from brick-and-mortar to an online shop can be intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on sharing your products or services with more Albertans.

Shop Local

You love the quality and craftsmanship of local products. And you know how valuable it is for our economy. Now, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to support the businesses you love from the comfort of your home.

Why Join?

Easy Sign Up and Maintenance

Creating and maintaining an e-commerce website is a big job on top of running your bricks-and-mortar business. When you choose Chamber Market, you won’t need to handle it all on your own. Let us take care the technical stuff so you can focus on your business.

Reach more Albertans (Without a Big Marketing Spend)

Growth can be tough to accomplish as a small business. With Chamber Market, you’ll reach more customers in your community thanks to the convenience of online shopping. You’ll also have the chance to gain customers in other parts of Alberta at minimal cost with the chamber network promoting your business.

Future-proof your Business

In recent years, more retail experiences are moving online—and so are the customers. If you’re not online too, you’re at risk of being left behind. Future-proof your business with the support of Chamber Market.

What Else Does Chamber Market Offer?

Hire Local Small-Business Supporters

Chamber Market can connect you with more than just customers. Our integrated hiring platform lets you share job openings directly with Albertans who already know and love local businesses.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce

There are many benefits to joining your local Chamber—including marketing support. Having your business on Chamber Market makes it easier than ever for your local Chamber of Commerce to help direct traffic to your business.

Quick Facts

Canadian e-commerce’s share of total retail should expand to 17.2% by 2025.
The following industries have experienced a surge in online sales.

100 %
Furniture & Home Furnishings
100 %
Sporting goods, books & music
50 %
Food & Beverage
100 %
General Merchandise

Online Surge in Sales

Start Selling TODAY!

  • Visit
  • Click SIGN UP to create your business profile
  • Apply for your merchant account (30min)
  • Once merchant account is approved (2-4 days), you can upload your products for approval
  • Once products are approved you are ready to sell!


  • There is a one-time $25 +GST fee to set up a merchant account in order to process sales.
  • There is a 4.95% transaction fee charged to the business.
  • 2.55% to Bambora
  • 1.15% to the Coaldale Chamber
  • 0.25% to the Alberta Chambers of Commerce
  • 1.00% to the Chamber Channel Platform
  • Mention: this transaction goes back to resources to support and market the online platform and ultimately your business.
  • Any business regardless of if you are a member of the chamber can use this platform.
  • Of course, we hope you will consider joining the chamber, as we are here to support you by providing resources and connections for the success of your business.
  • A business may sell restricted items, such as Cannabis or alcohol, provided that they are approved through the MA-TD paper process.
  • Each business determines the pricing of their products/services.
  • If your business is GST exempt you can select that option.
  • Payment is made directly to each business for their product or service.
  • You are automatically sent an email notification when an order has been placed.
  • No, the platform will not integrate with your existing ecommerce platform at this time. We are in the process of developing the inventory integration with Shopify.
  • If you are able to export a product list from your existing site, you can upload it to the Chamber Market.
  • Vendors are responsible for shipping. Details need to be included in the description. (Ex. Shipping included. Same day delivery if ordered by 12:00 pm MST)
  • Yes, vendors will need to include details in the description of the product/service. (Ex. Pick up any time between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm MST next day)
  • Consumers may purchase products from multiple vendors with one transaction. The consumer will be separately charged for and receive a receipt from each individual vendor. Vendors and Chambers receive payment directly at the close of each transaction.
  • Both member and non-member pricing options are available. Each vendor can establish non-member pricing, or simply apply a fixed percentage non-member price increase to all listings. It’s up to you.
  • The vendor is responsible for issue resolution.


Bambora Merchant Application

Chamber Market's Payment Processor

  • eID – (ID verification through the online app) – This is a ‘soft hit’ which is just validating information and should have no effect on a person’s credit score.
  • Personal Credit check – If we need to run a personal credit check as part of the app process (most common for sole prop/partnerships – sometimes smaller private corps that are individually owned). – This is considered a ‘hard hit’ and will affect the personal score.
  • Bambora uses Equifax as a vendor to complete the credit check. On the credit report it says it was run by Equifax, but Bambora inquired.
  • Average transaction = average order/average service amount/average product amount. (Ex. A coffee shop’s average transaction amount might be $6.00)