Awards and Appreciation Banquet - Postponed

In light of the statements made by Alberta Health concerning COVID-19 and mass gatherings, the Coaldale & District Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) announces that the Awards & Appreciation Banquet, scheduled for March 21, 2020, will be postponed until further notice. Although the estimated gathering is predicted to be less than 250, the CDCC has deemed that proceeding with this event is not in the best interest of the public.

The CDCC would like to thank the community and Chamber members for their support and understanding regarding this turn of events. Any further inquires can be directed to the CDCC office –, 403-345-2358.

Working with Business for Business

As eluded too in a previous email, the Coaldale & District Chamber of Commerce has been undergoing some re-structuring with the purpose of advancing its mission, bringing more value to your membership.  Throughout this process it was important to maintain the organization’s status quo in terms of its current bylaws.  Accomplishments were made with very minimal changes required to our bylaws.  We will be proposing a few minor tweaks to our bylaws at our AGM taking place in March.  Stay tuned for MORE emails on that!

The purpose of THIS email is to introduce to you the additions of six new sub committees to the Coaldale Chamber.  Executive Committee will remain status quo but will follow a new mandate to facilitate the integration of the other new sub committees.   These new committees include the following.

  1. Membership committee
  2. Local advocacy committee
  3. Political advocacy committee
  4. Community committee
  5. Events committee
  6. Communications committee

To help you better understand what the Chamber is trying to accomplish, we would like to provide the example of attending a conference.   Conference attendees come together for one purpose but in order to propel that purpose forward, breakout sessions are introduced.  Breakout sessions occur simultaneously, with all attendees participating in small groups, to execute an objective before rejoining the greater group. The benefit of a breakout session is that it provides an opportunity for all attendees to participate more actively and serves as an opportunity to share ideas, observations and raise questions that might not otherwise happen in a larger group.

This concept is a good example to what we are wanting to accomplish here at the Coaldale Chamber.  Working together as a collective, it is our hope that we can more effectively execute our mission; to improve the economic, industrial and civic life of the community through the development and promotion of free enterprise.  Working with business for business to the benefit of all!

Members are encouraged to participate in a committee. Each committee will be led by a chair who will become the dedicated liaison between the committee and the board.   Chamber members can participate as either a chair or regular committee member.  Please click on the organization chart for a list of committees along with a brief summary. A complete Committee Terms of Reference are available on request.

Click on image


The existing board will vote for a President along with a new general Board.  Assignments for the rest of the executive positions, as well as committee chairs, will take place in subsequent meetings.

Please consider contributing your talents and passions in an area that suits you best!  Voting will take place at our AGM taking place on March 11, in place of our regular speaker series.  If you have any questions or are interested in a position, please reach out to our current Executive Board members or contact the Chamber Office before March 4.

Positions and Participation

Executive Positions

  1. President
  2. First Vice President
  3. Second Vice President
  4. Corporate Secretary
  5. Treasurer

Committee Chairs and/or Participation

  1. Membership committee
  2. Local advocacy committee
  3. Political advocacy committee
  4. Community committee
  5. Events committee

March 21, 2020 | Saturday
Coaldale Community Centre
Tickets are $60 each.

Contact our office to book your tickets today!

Nomination form can be found HERE.
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Sponsorship info can be found HERE.

Any questions? Contact our office at 403-345-2358

Wednesday, November 13
12:00 - 1:00 pm
Coaldale Inn

Grant Hunter has been invited to present at the Coaldale Chamber Speaker Series.

Please submit your questions, via email above, prior to the event.

Lunch cost $15 at the door.

Federal Election Forum is being host by the CDCC on October 8. Candidates from the NDP, Conservative, People's Party and Green Party have confirmed their attendance.

Board Lunch meetings meetings take place on the second Wednesday of every month. Sign up to receive monthly notices via email today!

Awards and Appreciation Banquet
Saturday, March 21, 2019