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Front End Crew/Feed Truck Operator/Pen Checker
Sep 17, 2021

CORE PURPOSE: To make food better, and enrich the lives of our people.


We are a family owned custom cattle feeding and farming business with four feedlot locations in southern Alberta: The Home Lot and North Lot near Coaldale, HWY 52 near Raymond and Sandy Hill near Taber. Kasko Cattle is proud to be a progressive, customer-centered feedlot and farming business. The four feed lots have a standing capacity of over 45,000 head. We focus heavily on consistency, food safety and environmental and economic sustainability.

This position is located at our North Lot, located north of Coaldale, AB.

This position requires Saturday and Sunday availability.


The North Lot location manages a 5000 head yard with five employees. We require all employees to assist with all operations of the yard, including front end crew, feed truck operation and pen checking.

The primary role of the Front End Crew worker is to ensure optimal herd health through proper induction and re-handling of cattle. They are responsible for the proper administration of vaccines, implants, ear tags, etc. when processing cattle. The Front End Crew Worker is responsible for recording accurate weights and sorting cattle as required for marketing purposes. The Front End Crew Worker assists the feedlot manager in all aspects feedlot, yard and pen maintenance while providing a low-stress environment for cattle.

The primary role of the Feed Truck Operator is feeding cattle. Feed Truck Drivers are responsible to accurately and consistently feed cattle as per directions from the Feed Manager. The Feed Truck Operator plays a critical role in ensuring cattle are fed high quality feed as per rations set out by the Feedlot Manager to ensure cattle make efficient gains while on the feedlot. An essential part of the Feed Truck Operator is maintaining equipment, reporting irregular animal behavior and reporting pen and bunk issues to the Feedlot Manager. This position will involve cross training in all areas of the feedlot operations as this person may be required to work different positions in addition to feeding cattle.

The primary role of the Pen Checker is to maintain health and welfare of cattle and perform disease prevention activities. The Pen Checker will identify, pull, and treat sick or injured cattle in a timely manner to ensure cattle health. The Pen Checker plays a critical role in working with Kasko Cattle’s veterinarian to ensure cattle are treated appropriately. The Pen Checker is responsible for keeping accurate records of treatment cattle receive since this is essential for safe shipping.


We are looking for people who are integrity driven, motivated and flexible to join our team. We require individuals to have strong communication skills, animal herd health knowledge and be safety orientated. We offer competitive pay, the ability to be home during most evenings to spend time with your family, guaranteed hours, excellent benefits, and potential housing.


Follow all standard operation procedures for processing cattle.

Count cattle before and after indoctrination, sorting, weighing, implanting, boostering, etc.

Record animal ID and any treatments that may be necessary beyond the processing protocol (i.e. band castrations, pink-eyes, abscesses).

Prepare and move cattle from one area to another, including shipping and receiving cattle. Follow all procedures for handling and moving cattle.

Communicate regarding cattle movements.

Clean and maintain facilities, pens, water bowls, and equipment daily.

Accurately and consistently feed cattle in a timely manner in the same order and same time every day.

Build rations with accurate and consistent ingredient amounts. Follow mixing instructions as per ration sheets.

Ensure proper feed records are kept to ensure feed additive withdrawal times are adhered to.

Spread feed evenly across entire bunk and clean any spills to reduce waste. Clear bunks of debris, rocks, manure, spoiled feed prior to delivering new feed.

Maintain tidiness of silage pit and practice good silage-face management.

Clean and maintain tidiness of mill and mill area.

Report pen maintenance issues or cattle health issues to Feedlot Manager(s) so problems can be rectified as soon as possible.

Report any feeding errors or discrepancies to Feedlot Manager(s).

Adhere to the Feed Truck Maintenance Schedule and pre-trip protocols.

Run equipment – such as loader, tractor, skid-steer, etc.

Monitor physical condition and health of cattle; ensure cattle are pulled and treated in a humane and timely manner.

Assist veterinarians when required and as directed including, but not limited to assisting with the examination and treatment of ill animals.

Enter individual animal health into computer health program.

Take and record temperature in computer health program.

Ensure downer cattle receive proper feed and water.

Recommend improvements to maintain cattle health and welfare.

Euthanize animals as necessary, following all euthanasia protocols.


  • Attention to Detail
  • Integrity Driven
  • Motivation/Responsibility
  • Safety Oriented
  • Written & Oral communication
  • Cattle Health Knowledge
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Cattle Handling Knowledge & Skills


The front end crew worker will have regular daily communication with pen checkers, feed truck operators and the feedlot manager. They will also have occasional communication with office staff and other managers, as required. They may have occasional communication with customers, contractors and delivery personnel.


  • High School diploma is an asset.
  • Post Secondary Education in a related field is an asset.
  • Experience working in the Agriculture industry is required.
  • Experience working on a feedlot is an asset.
  • Experience working with cattle and cattle health knowledge is an asset.


Those in this position generally work 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM but could be required to work earlier and/or later to meet organizational needs. This position is exposed to all environmental conditions working outdoors. This includes, but not limited to exposure to the elements such as sun, wind, rain, snow, hot and cold temperatures. Those working this position should wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions each day.


Full-time, permanent incumbents of this position are eligible for company benefits programs including health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance benefits, after three months of employment. Company paid pension plan benefits are available after one year of employment.


Remuneration for this position is based on experience and quality of work. Incumbents of this position accrue 4% vacation which may be taken as paid vacation time off or paid out (after 3 months) upon request.


DRIVER’S LICENSE: Class 5 required.


  • Take care of cattle first! Every reasonable effort should be made to ensure cattle are happy, healthy, and comfortable. If anything is amiss on the feedlot, rectify the situation or report the problem immediately to ensure a low-stress environment is maintained for the animals.
  • Make a good first impression! Feedlots should be well organized and maintained to demonstrate the type of care and consideration we are also provide to the cattle. Do your part to ensure a good first impression and report any problems to your manager immediately.
  • We are beef producers and must focus on food safety! Ensure we follow all food safety, veterinary and cattle handling guidelines to eliminate chances of any food contamination.
  • Attract and keep customers. Keeping our existing customers is priority number one. We can do that by treating their cattle as if they were our own. Our customers trust us with an important investment, and we must do everything we can to protect their investment and ensure healthy gains.
  • Treat all employees with respect and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Communicate with manager about any workplace issues.
  • Be flexible and perform duties as assigned.

Kasko Cattle