Provincial Advocacy​

Working with local and provincial politicians for business


The Political Advocacy Committee exist to communicate with local, provincial and federal leaders.

Committee Chair

Derek Connick

Business 6
How the Political Advocacy Committee works for business
  • Liaises with other Chamber as well as the Alberta and Canadian Chamber
  • Connects and communicate with politicians
  • Arranges and host political forums.
  • Prepares a budget on behalf of the committee to be submitted to the Executive for the annual budget.
  • Follows the budget as approved

Working with Business for Business

Anyone from the community can be part of of the committee. Consider joining today!

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The Alberta Chambers of Commerce provides a powerful voice on behalf of the business community by speaking out on issues such as taxes, transportation, and education.

Since 1937, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) has worked to complement the advocacy, networking, and membership benefit efforts of local chambers members. As the leading voice on business issues, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce currently represents a growing number of community chambers of commerce, which in turn represent the business interests of over 24,000 members in all the Federal and Provincial electoral districts. The Alberta Chambers of Commerce also consists of over 80 corporate members, who support the efforts of both their community chamber of commerce and the Alberta Chambers of Commerce.

The Coaldale Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Alberta Chamber. This qualifies Coaldale Chamber members access to a variety of services including exclusive discounts.

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